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Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium II: 2.9 (Creed and Covenant: Using the Articles of Faith to Resolve ALL Controversies)

  • 07 Apr 2018
  • 1:00 PM
  • OZCF

Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium II: #9

Creed and Covenant: Using the Articles of Faith (Tenets of Belief) to Resolve ALL Controversies

It seems only natural that faith and fellowship in the 21st century are informed by the expression of social justice. Most contemporary religious communities have either reoriented their purpose, or reaffirmed their commitment, towards social justice in global and cosmopolitan terms. Those religious bodies that have not done so, find themselves at odds with the sense of purpose within their congregations. Such bodies must deal with an interrogation of the purpose and identity of their traditions…if not for justice, betterment, service...then for what?

One could make the argument that the origins of most religious traditions was a belief and commitment to social justice. That is to say that the guiding ethos of faith and fellowship was deemed to be an adherence to a code of ethics for the purpose of social betterment. Of course, this was also perceived as divinely sanctioned, ordained, and/or appreciated.

Of course we can point to Khorosh II (i.e. Cyrus ‘the Great’), and a host of other notables until the age of Madame Cama and Dadabhai Naoroji.  But how well has Daena Mazdayasni been represented in the postcolonial era, and in diaspora?

 In this session of the AVSS, we contemplate whether the Articles of Faith might provide a binding creed for faith, fellowship, and a covenant for institutional and actionable ‘good thoughts, good words, good deeds’. It is important that a lived faith be dynamic, introspective, reflexive, and intimate.  We constantly deal with a fractured sense of belief (religious expression) versus realities (secular existence).  How and why has this situation arisen within an indigenous spiritual tradition (Daena Mazdayasni) that was very much cosmographically oriented, with respect to nature and creation?

 Can the Articles of Faith reaffirm a faith and fellowship awareness of interdependence and reciprocity?  Might these Tenets of Belief, due to their clarity of vision and articulation of social justice, serve as a matrix to decipher and solve ALL contemporary issues of Zoroastrianism?

The 9th Session of Phase II is being held at the OZCF:

    Title     - Using the Articles of Faith (Tenets of Belief) to Resolve ALL Controversies

Date    - April 7, 2018

Time    - 1:00 pm onwards for 2-3 hours. Refreshments provided

If you plan to attend please contact Ervad Nozer Kotwal at (905) 820-0461.

 For those who would like to join in via Skype, please contact Ervad Xerxes Madan at xerxes_madan@hotmail.com

A gentle reminder to participants to bring with them a pen. Paper shall be provided.

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